Vacation Slovenia 2020: Complete example route + map

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Vacation Slovenia 2020: Complete example route + map

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Are you planning to discover Slovenia by car or camper? Then we have excellent news for you because we have a complete example route which is ready to use. A road trip of 9 days along the most beautiful places in Slovenia. Also read our tips for the best stops and hotels in the direction of Slovenia.

Slovenia is a country that has a lot to offer, from beautiful lakes to stunning natural phenomena. It is the ideal destination to enjoy nature.

Would you like to see as much as possible during your visit to Slovenia? Then this route is ideal for you.


Map of the 9-day round trip through Slovenia

You can discover the full route by downloading the Slovenia travel guide.

Day 1: City walk Ljubljana

The best way to get to know Ljubljana is by absorbing everything by strolling through the streets. Our city walk Ljubljana is the ideal way to see all the main sights in Ljubljana in one day. You will visit Ljubljana's cathedral and pass by the famous Three Bridges. One of the nicest things about Ljubljana is that you never know what to expect, so feel free to deviate from the route to explore even more. Our favorite highlights in Ljubljana can be found on our blog.

Day 2: Ljubljana to the Slovenian coast

Distance traveled: 145 km

On this day you will leave Ljubljana and head towards the Slovenian Coast with as end destination the harbor town of Piran. Along the way you will pass by the breathtaking Postojna Cave and the spectacular Predjama Castle, one of the most popular sights in Slovenia. If you want to learn more about the caves and waterfalls in Slovenia you can take a look at our blog.

Along the way, we stop in the towns of Koper and Izola and many other interesting stops along this route.

Day 3: Slovenian Coast to the Soča Valley

Distance traveled: 205 km

On day 3 we move from the Slovenian coast more inland towards the Soča valley. The highlights include, for example the town of Vipava. This town is known for its wines. In the Vipava winery you can taste no less than 170 wines made in the region.

You will also come across the Slap Kozjak. This is a must-see attraction, the 15 meter high waterfall falls down in a picturesque pool in a natural amphitheater in the rocks. End the day in the town of Bovec, this is the perfect place to explore the Soča valley even more.

Day 4: Soča Valley, the Julian Alps & Triglav National Park

You can spread today's activities to several days depending on what you want to do. This day is meant to explore the Soča Valley and Triglav National Park. Around Bovec there are a lot of activities to do. You can go rafting and kayaking on the Soča River. You can also zipline over the Soča Valley or go mountain biking. Along, in and around the national park there are a lot of hikes. So as you can see, there is a lot to do in this region, the time you spend here depends entirely on what you want to do.

Day 5: Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj

On day 5 you can enjoy some breathtaking highlights on the other side of the National Park before heading back to the central part of Slovenia. This route passes, by Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled.

These two places attract a lot of tourists every year. It is also the ideal place to spend the night. We end the day in Kamnik, a pleasant, historic town with a beautiful medieval centre.

Day 6: Kamnik to Maribor

Distance traveled: 224 km

On this day you will head east, to the second largest city of Slovenia, Maribor. Along the way, you will visit a number of interesting historical and cultural sights. This route is a bit longer than the other days, so we recommend to get up early so you have enough time to pass by every highlight. Today you will come across some beautiful castles of Slovenia. Among them is the castle of Celje and Žička Kartuzija. Don't forget to visit the Brine Jama and the Hell Cave where you can see the face of the devil.

Day 7: City walk Maribor

Here you will discover the cosy city of Maribor with our city walk. This former Austrian city has many historical highlights that go back to the Middle Ages. You will visit the Maribor Synagogue, one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. This synagogue dates from the 14th century. Along, you will come across the oldest vine in the world. This vine is said to be more than 400 years old.

Day 8: Maribor to Ptuj

Distance traveled: 158 km

From Maribor you head in the direction of Ptuj and the vineyards, mainly via more rural villages. Along, you will pass through the most famous wine region of Slovenia. Ideal to taste some Slovenian wines or to take a few bottles with you. Along the way you will pass the following towns: Lendava, Velika Polana, Ljutomer, Jerusalem and Ormoz.

Day 9: Ptuj to Ljubljana

Distance traveled: 274 km

The last day of the tour is also the longest, you head from Ptuj all the way back to the capital Ljubljana. On this day you will mainly explore historical sights. You will pass by many castles and museums, such as Musej na Prostem and Land of Hayracks museum. Finish at the Trnulja Eco Estate, which is the most famous ecological farm in the country. It made Ljubljana the greenest city in Europe in 2016.

Do you want to cross the border? You can take a day trip to Zagreb from here, you are close to Croatia.

Where to stay in Slovenia?

Looking for a place to stay during your trip in Slovenia? Then you have a lot of choice. An apartment or hotel in Ljubljana. Check out the list of our 5 favorite glampings around Bled,or the most beautiful hotels and glampings in Bohinj, bet you want to stay there too!

Don't miss out on anything during your stay in Slovenia, get our travel guide!

Like most of us, you don't want to miss out on anything during your vacation in Slovenia. Well, we have some good news, because we already did the research for you! Buy our travel guide Slovenia with many highlights (+ GPS coordinates). Prefer to try it out first? Download your free travel guide Slovenia here with a free city walk of Ljubljana.


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