Visiting the Blue Lagoon? How to go, info, tips & tickets

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Visiting the Blue Lagoon? How to go, info, tips & tickets

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The Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most famous hot spring and one of the most visited attractions on the island. The warm and clear blue water provides an open-air wellness and beautiful pictures. In addition, the water has a healing effect and you can relax with mud masks and massages. Many people start or end their visit to Iceland in the Blue Lagoon. A day of relaxing in the water is definitely recommended!

Read more about the visit to the Blue Lagoon here and book your online tours and tickets.

Tours and tickets to the Blue Lagoon


  1. The history of the Blue Lagoon

Many people think that the Blue Lagoon is a natural phenomenon, but that's actually not true. The bath was simply built by the Icelanders themselves. The Blue Lagoon is located in a geothermal lava field. The Svartsengi power station pumps hot water upwards of about seventy degrees. Initially, the water serves to generate heat and electricity, but part of the heat is also used to heat the Blue Lagoon.

The bath opened in 1991 and quickly became very popular among the tourists visiting Iceland. Icelanders hardly visit the Blue Lagoon nowadays because they think it is too touristy.

  1. The Blue Lagoon

2.1. Bright blue and healing saltwater

The Blue Lagoon is filled with salt water that is heated geothermally. The natural water comes from deep holes that go up to two kilometers deep. The temperature of the water varies between 37 and 40 degrees, but there are also colder places where you can cool down. The water has a beautiful light blue color, thanks to the silica, sulfer, algae and minerals that are in the water. It is thanks to the sunlight that the water acquires this bluish color. You can leave your goggles at home, because you will not see anything underwater. Strangely enough, the water has a white color, almost as white as milk, if you pour it into a glass.

Not only is it bright blue, but it is said to have healing effects! The water is very salty with a salt content of 12.5 percent. The baths are between 80 centimeters and 1.6 meters deep and have handy seat edges on the side. There are also small caves where you have more privacy.

2.2. A complete wellness

The Blue Lagoon is more than just a warm water bath. There are several saunas and steam rooms where it is possible to book a massage. You can opt for a short treatment in the water or a full massage treatment with all the trimmings.

When you arrive at the Blue Lagoon check in first. Then go change and store your belongings in a locker. Visitors should shower without swimwear first. Once in the warm water, you can enjoy as long as you want. There is also a free mud mask available that is made from the deposits of the water.

  1. What to expect?

What can you expect when visiting the Blue Lagoon? First and foremost the waiting lines are long, but don't be discouraged it goes rather fast. After checking in, get into your bathing suit and safely store your belongings in the lockers. Before you can go into the baths, you must take a shower. This is mandatory for hygiene reasons.

Then walk to the bath and unless you are used to the cold, it will not be fun. While trembling, you can make your way to the pools until you can dabble in the wonderfully warm water. If you wish, you can also apply a face mask and / or order a drink in between.

  1. Opening hours Blue Lagoon

  • The Blue Lagoon is open all year round. From January 1 to May 25 and from August 21 to October 1, open between 08:00 and 22:00.
  • From May 26 to June 29 between 7:30 AM and 11:00 PM and from June 30 to August 20 from 7:00 AM till midnight.
  • From October 2 to December 31, the Blue Lagoon is open between 08:00 and 20:00.
  • Different opening hours on Christmas and New Year's Eve. View details online.
  1. Tickets for the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon offers various sorts of tickets. Tickets for only access to the Blue Lagoon, or others that include a massage, the steam baths or other nice extras. Prices also vary per day and time.

Our tip: It is a good idea to combine your visit to the Blue Lagoon with a visit to the Golden Circle, a route along the most beautiful sights. It is an area full of impressive geysers, waterfalls and beautiful nature where the Blue Lagoon is located. Tours are organized starting from Reykjavik that introduce you to the most beautiful places on the Golden Circle route. Relax in the clear blue waters of the Blue Lagoon. You can easily buy tickets online.

  1. How to avoid the waiting lines?

The Blue Lagoon sticks to a maximum number of visitors who can enter the pool at the same time. Therefore it happens that there are queues. In high season it can get very busy at the Blue Lagoon and it is therefore advisable to book your entrance tickets online.

It is often less busy in the evening at the Blue Lagoon, so maybe try to go in the afternoon/evening.

  1. How to get to the Blue Lagoon?

7.1. With public transport

There are shuttle busses to the Blue Lagoon starting from Reykjavik or from Keflavik International Airport.

7.2. By car

The Blue Lagoon is situated between Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavik. It is located next to the Nordurljosavegur 9 in Grindavik, and is easily reachable from the Highway 44 via the Highway 41. From Keflavik International Airport it is a good 20 kilometer drive to the Blue Lagoon, and from Reykjavik your on the road for one hour. Parking is free at the Blue Lagoon.

7.3. Organized tour

There are multiple different tours that bring you along all the highlights of de Golden Circle Route. You only have to buy your ticket and go.

  1. Practical tips for your visit

The following tips should come in handy when having a visite to the Blue Lagoon:

  • Visiting the Blue Lagoon half a day is enough to completely relax.
  • A visit to the Blue Lagoon is not cheap, but it definitely becomes expensive if you also rent towels and slippers. Be prepared and bring your own if you have some space left in your suitcase.
  • Leave your jewelry at home or store it in a locker. The water of the Blue Lagoon has effects on jewelry (due to the sulfur in the water) and can, for example, cause your silver jewelry to discolour.
  • Make use of the conditioner they have their or bring your own. The sulfur in the water dries out your hair.
  • Your mobile phone or camera are allowed in the baths, but at your own risk. If you would like to take photos, make sure you have a waterproof bag for your camera or phone.
  • Plan your visit to the Blue Lagoon in the evening. During the day, it is very crowded, partly because the organized tours come during these hours. Would you rather dabble in on a quiet time in the Lagoon? Then go around the evening. Nice extra: it is even more beautiful if you can enjoy a sunset in the meantime.
  • Are you going to the Blue Lagoon during the day? Then take your sunglasses with you. When the sun shines, this reflects enormously on the water and your sunglasses will really come in handy.
  • You must shower without bathing suit before you go in, but in the bath swimwear is required.
  • Be sure to use the healing white mud and apply it yourself!
  • Children must be 2 years old to enter the water.
  1. Video: The healing water from the Blue Lagoon

What can you expect from the Blue Lagoon? This video shows you how the Blue Lagoon looks. To view this all in real life and get to experience the healing effect of the water, you should dive in the water yourself!

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